Friday, June 11, 2010

The first Foundation in Africa that follows the footsteps of U.S.A President Barack Obama, to transform Africa’s Socio-economic growth and empower young leaders to be entrepreneurs .

The President Barack Obama Junior Africa Foundation is a non-profit making a agency proposed to promulgate the principles in the fight for social equality, create an enabling environment to empower youths to be entrepreneurs and inspire and involve them to vie for leadership positions, justice and governance through peace/reconciliation initiatives, civic education and training and issues of advocacy including research.

The Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of the vision, "YES, WE CAN" achieved by U.S.A. President Barack Obama and Nobel Prize winner, to a African countries. It's proposed to be established under the Executive privilege of the confederacy and regally incorporated under cap 164 (Trustees Perpetual Succession Act) as a public charity.


Renaissance of African Planetary transformation, and Africa Economic empowerment following the vision of American President Barack Obama and Nobel Prize Winner.


To create an enabling environment for youths to earn sustainable incomes, and empower them to social economic activities and inspire and involve them to vie for leadership positions, to fight for tribalism, nepotism, social equality, justice, governance through peace/reconciliation  initiatives, civic education and issues of advocacy including research.


Joseph Kariuki Omuya is a person who has passion to community empowerment. An active member in community development reforms, social entrepreneurship, civic education, environmental conservation, and youth-led sustainable development. He is an aspiring social entrepreneur, who promotes a peaceful dialogue in planning, organizing, capacity building and developing strategies that can lead to sustainable develop, a civic leader and community resource person in promote education, and environmental conservation. His influence and interest comes from being passionate, distinctive to reducing carbon footprints, passion for a future green economy that is environmental friendly and personal efforts to be part of social entrepreneurs who work to change world by addressing global youth unemployment, and alleviate poverty and improve living standard. He is the founder and president of aspiring non-profit organization The President Barack Obama Junior Africa Foundation, Joseph Omuya’s New Dawn of Hope “A Vision to Kenya, Kenya Global Online Citizens Parliament-Straight Talk to Our Leaders, and a number of Youth Organizations and Peace Initiative in Kenya.  He initiated the formation National Youth Council, Peace Ambassador Kenya, and fought for Peace in Kenya 2007 – 2008 post election violence. He is dedicated and committed in participating and contributing to national and international youth forums, sharing and exchanging ideas that focus on youth-led sustainable development, empowering young women and men through socio-economic activities. He participated in CFC Bank ''Big idea’’ for youth-led sustainable development. He was invited by 8th UNESCO Youth Forum as a resource person; Entrepreneurship: Cultivation an innovative spirit to alleviate global youth unemployment. Sub-topics includes; Education, entrepreneurship, youth unemployment.

In this vision, he saw the need to establish this Foundation in the rural areas, where many less fortunate people are left without knowing whether tomorrow will come. Many Foundations and offices are based in towns.The President Barack Obama Junior Africa is a great challenge to many of such organizations, as it is based in the rural area. He is working through thin to ensure the Foundation will one time be implemented to achieves its objectives.

"Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition. It asks too little of yourself. Because it's only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential". (President Barack Obama)


1.To address Africa youth unemployment by creating new jobs to economically empower African    
   youths to be entrepreneurs and be self reliant, hence alleviate poverty and improve their living 
2. To inspire and involve women and youth groups to actively participate to issues related to 
     leadership, act as advocates for innovative Change, and transformational leadership .   
3. To empower youths and people with disabilities at risk with life support and survival skills for

     positive self-concept and enhanced problem coping capacities.
4. To promote poverty alleviation through programs such as improved farming techniques, income   

    generating activities setting up of cottage industries, most especially in the rural areas to improve 
   upon the living standard of the people. 
5. To create entry point for youths to penetrate market, finances and bring them back to society
4. Promote literacy level among children and people with disabilities for social integration
5.To impart civic education to African countries to practice fair and free election during

   electioneering period.  
 6. To promote peace and reconciliation amongst African countries and the world at large.
7. To impart knowledge to African countries on the impacts of tribal clashes.
8. To promote information technology in rural areas through setting up information Technology 

    centers (e-learning and e-libraries center).
9. To affiliate with other organizations and individuals with the same vision and objectives.

By the grace of God the Foundation will be of great blessing to a lot of people and we expect it to  create impact in Africa if the objectives are met.

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